The best electric scooters in 2021

Electric scooters have certainly been a long time in rising to prominence. But this looks like the year when they finally might hit the peak sales. While working from home will remain the new normal for some of us, for others the rat race will march on. As we strive to regain a sense of normalcy in the way we commute, an uncertain choice looms for many urban commuters; should we return to the normal public transport? Is it okay to add yet another car to the already congested roads? Or should we look for more convenient and fun ways the technology offers us? We believe Electric scooters are the most popular and eco-friendly alternative to driving or using public transport. Most of us are interested in investing in an Electric scooter but not sure about what to look for from an e-scooter and what to avoid. To help you make the right choice, we have made a list of the top five electric scooters, considering factors such as range and usability, driving dynamics, and value for money.

The impressive performance and price balance makes Pure Air the best electric scooter you can buy. Sporting massive 10-inch wheels and easy to maintain water-resistant design, this electric scooter is quick, capable, and comfortable. The 22.4miles travel range and a battery pack that will outlast many of its rivals make Pure Air and Pure Air Pro the best all-round electric scooter out there. We recommend this e-scooter because of the combination of comfort and practicality that the big wheels and suspension provide and the way the scooter feels to ride.

Key specs (Pure Air/Pure Air- Pro) :

  • Top speed: 15.5mph
  • Maximum load: 120kg
  • Weight: 16.5kg/17kg
  • Recharge time: 4.5 hours
  • Wattage: 250W/350W
  • Maximum drive distance: 18.6 miles / 22.4 miles
  • Water resistance: IP65-rated
  • Tyre: 10-inch, air-filled w/puncture prevention fluid

The MI 1S is an affordable all-rounder electric scooter from Xiaomi. If you are not looking for an entry-level e-scooter, Xiaomi also has a more premium version, called the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 with advanced features. The Xiaomi 1S sat atop the e-scooter ranking list until Pure Air introduced an IP65 water resistance body and bigger wheels with 120kg max weight capacity. Still, the Xiaomi 1S features the best app connectivity we’ve seen in any electric scooter.

Key specs (Xiaomi MI 1S / Pro 2):

  • Top speed: 15 mph
  • Maximum load: 100kg
  • Weight: 12.5kg/14.2kg
  • Recharge time: 5.5 hours
  • Wattage: 500W/600W
  • Maximum drive distance: 18.6 miles / 27 miles
  • Water resistance: na
  • Tyre: 9-inch, air-filled

Designed and developed by the well-known electric mobility brand Segway, the Ninebot Segway E25E is one of the most accomplished electric scooters on this list. Its fuss-free foldable design includes a grippy and comfortable footplate, dual-density wheels to absorb the bumps. The advanced smartphone app lets you control this vehicle in all aspects. This feature-packed e-scooter is also equipped with cruise control, all-round active lighting, independent front, and rear suspension, IP54 water-resistance, and a clear LCD display.

Key specs:

  • Top speed: 15.5 mph
  • Maximum load: 100kg
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Maximum drive distance: 15.5 miles
  • Water resistance: IPX4 Water Resistance
  • Tyre: 9-inch, Dual Density Tyres

The Reid E4 Plus is the first fun to drive electric scooter with solid rubber wheels and a brilliant rear suspension. This Australian-made electric scooter is equipped with three riding modes indicated by 1, 2, and 3 on the LED display – each mode has its own top speed. While the solid rubber wheels have obvious advantages over pneumatic tyres, such as never having to worry about punctures, the biggest issue we have noticed is that they give a more bumpy ride experience on uneven terrains. You can pair your smartphone with the Reid E4 Plus via Bluetooth (both Android and iOS are supported) and get complete access to the vast features of this futuristic e-scooter.


Key Specs :

  • Top speed: 15 mph
  • Maximum load: 100kg
  • Weight: 14kg
  • Maximum drive distance: 17 miles
  • Recharge time: 5 hours
  • Water resistance: na
  • Tyre: 10-inch, solid rubber

This super-fast e-scooter has a massive range and is built for off-road. Equipped with a unique adjustable suspension system, which allows the rider to change the suspension position the Inokim Ox can reach a max speed of 29mph all thanks to the powerful 800W motor. The Inokim OX is a true workhorse if you are looking for long-range, superior ride quality, intuitive handling, and phenomenal design. This powerful and portable machine is one of the best premium electric scooters we have ever reviewed.

Key specs:

  • Top speed: 29 mph
  • Maximum load: 130kg
  • Weight: 28.3kg
  • Maximum drive distance: 59 miles
  • Recharge time: 10 hours
  • Water resistance: waterproof
  • Tyre: 10-inch


Choosing the right electric scooter isn’t as easy as you might think. We believe that the above list will give you a clear view of the best available products in the market.

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