Best 5 Body Massager 2021

Handheld body massagers have gained extensive popularity in the post-COVID-19 world, all thanks to work from home and the laidback lifestyle. We all are aware of the benefits of body massage: it relieves pain and helps to increase blood circulation, stimulates, and strengthens the lymphatic system. Who doesn’t love a good body massage that strengthens mental and physical health? Electric body massagers make things more convenient, now you can sit at home and your handheld body massager will help you unwind after a long day. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best handheld electric body massagers on the market. We have tested more than a dozen body massagers to curate this list and included all the top products available in the UK.

The Reviber Zen Physio is a handheld deep tissue massager that offers maximum relief and recovery from muscle pain and body aches. The deep infrared warming therapy offers a firm and controlled massage. This device is so helpful for working out the knots and lumps that come with many muscles related issues. The Zen Physio deep tissue massager is mains powered and weighs 1.2kg. You can target different parts of the body with the two massage heads of this electric massager and the speed range is adjustable from 3400 RPM to 6000 RPM. This body massager can be used on bare skin or over clothing as per your requirement. Overall, the Reviber Zen Physio is our best pick from this list of top electric body massagers.

The electric handheld massager from Viktor Jurgen is a powerful and convenient body massager that can help you massage your lower back, legs, and feet effortlessly from the convenience of your home. This percussion massager is equipped with two massage heads for effective deep tissue massaging and three interchangeable massage attachments are provided in the box. The non-slip rubber grips and 3.5-meter power cord of Victor Jurgen will give you a spa-quality massage at home. The powerful motor can be operated at variable speeds and provides up to 3350pulses per minute. The only issue we had while testing this awesome body massager is the 1.7kg weight and if you can ignore that, this is the best body massager for you.

If you are a fitness freak or an athlete, a massage gun is a better choice than a regular body massager. The feature-rich Theragun Pro massage gun provides a powerful deep tissue massage for quick pain relief and faster recovery times. We would like to warn you this is not a relaxing body massager; it is powerful and assaults the sore muscles for effective percussive therapy by stimulating circulation and generating heat. The Theragun Pro massage gun comes with six massage head attachments and up to 2400 strokes per minute. This battery-powered massage gun gives 150 minutes of battery life. The Bluetooth connectivity helps to connect the device with the advanced Therabody smartphone app for more personalized usage. This is the best recovery-oriented body massager on our list and you can go for it without a second thought.

Naipo is a budget-friendly cordless deep tissue massager equipped with a powerful motor to deliver intense massage. The stylish design and ease of use make the Napio body massager the perfect device for home-usage. This stylish body massager comes with 5 massage nodes that fit different body parts and they apply proper pressure and stimulation for full-body relaxation. To make it more convenient for personal use, Naipo included five massage nodes and five levels of intensity. The most impressive node is the Finger Massage Node which mimics the touch of fingers to cover limb surfaces and knees with an intensified comfort level. The powerful motor of this Naipo body massager sports a safety use feature that will automatically turn off the device after 20 minutes of usage, this will prevent overheating and excessive massage issues. Weighing only 800 grams this is one of the top lightweight body massagers we have ever tested. If you are looking for a convenient pocket-friendly body massager there is no better choice than the Naipo handheld body massager.

The Wahl Spot Therapy Massager is the cheapest battery-operated massager we can recommend and it offers impressive features for its’s price tag. This small device runs on just 2 AA batteries and that makes it super lightweight and portable. Wahl provides five unique massager attachments designed specifically to target different areas of the body. The compact Wahl body massager sports two adjustable speed settings, the soothing slow mode, and an intense deep massage mode. We loved the facial massage attachment provided with this body massager for its noise-free gentle massage and ultimate relaxation, and the raised bump attachment is perfect to reach deep into the tired muscle cells. Overall, the Wahl Spot Therapy Massager is a versatile budget body massager and we suggest every home should have one of these for emergency use.

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