Welcome to 2021, living in a smart home is no longer just about asking Alexa to tell you the weather or play that new Drake song. The smartest homes will be able to truly learn about their owners or occupants, eventually anticipating their needs and living patterns. As smart-home technology becomes more user friendly and its benefits become more clear, the industry is ready to take off. We have done a deep dive into the smart home devices market and made a list of the ten best devices you can purchase this November.

Each smart home product we have listed here is highly rated, and we have curated the selection so there’s a device perfect for every budget and intended usage: from the smart home speakers to smart smoke detectors we’ve got the best available devices going, all in one place.

The latest member of the echo family shares the new spherical design of its larger sibling with Surprisingly good sound quality. The standard new Echo Dot is available in three different colors – dark gray, light gray, and light blue. This affordable smart home system can do all of the things Alexa does with other Echo models. 

Google’s latest smart home display is larger and comes with a local AI-equipped camera for face recognition which allows proactive display of personalised information. The Nest Hub Max is the smartest of displays currently available with a bright and crisp 10inch 720p HD screen. The integrated YouTube and Chromecast support makes it a more versatile smart home display than its competitors.

The Ring Indoor Cam comes with remarkable features like 1080p video capture, full night vision with optional colour support, a built-in 110db siren, two-way talk, and a lot more which makes it the premium smart security camera on our list. Get notifications through the Ring app whenever motion is detected by adjusting your Motion Detection settings. This Indoor Cam comes with all the features to keep you connected to your home even when you’re away from home.

Smart plugs are the simplest, cheapest way to make your home smarter. They add connectivity to anything plugged into them and generally cost less than £25. TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim ticks all the right boxes. It works with the excellent Kasa app, where you can find pretty much everything you might want a smart plug to do. This smart plug is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. And the best thing is that it does not require a hub, just pair it to your home Wi-Fi with a smartphone app and you’re ready to go.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus comes with a 1080p camera and 160-degree field of view. The impressive Pre-rol technology in this smart home doorbell helps to show you the four seconds before someone enters the frame. The Ring smartphone app is equipped with Motion Wizard, which helps to configure the motion settings automatically to best eliminate unwanted alerts. It’s quick and is pretty effective.

The EufyRoboVac 30C is the most reliable, powerful, and quiet robotic vacuum cleaner available in the smart home universe. It’s circular shape and low profile helps to fit under furniture and clean the carpet under your bed, and this Robo vacuum recharges itself at its base when it runs low on battery power. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, this device will be a great addition to your smart home.

Nest Learning Thermostat is a brilliantly stylish, capable, and affordable smart thermostat. Nest’s well-known learning algorithm learns your heating habits over time and helps in saving you some time setting the temperature manually. As you would expect, it works perfectly with Alexa and Google assistant and comes with excellent mobile app support also.

The well-known name in smart lighting is Philips and the Hue line of smart home lights continues the legacy. These smart bulbs can help set a mood, whether you’re trying to wind down with warm lights or wake up with cool bright white light. The latest Hue bulbs now work without the hub, and you can control them with all smart home systems. With a little exploration of its long list of possibilities, and some of your own creativity to blend it with your home and lifestyle, it will literally light up your life.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the most feature-packed connected lock we’ve ever reviewed. It is 45 percent smaller than the previous versions, so it looks less bulbous on your door. A simple installation process, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and interoperability with a huge range of other smart home systems make this our preferred smart lock for all the smart homes.

The Google Nest Protect comes with all the features we recommend in a smart smoke alarm; sensitivity to slow- and fast-burning fires, ability to self-test, sleek design, and straightforward app make it the best smart fire-safety device available now. The Nest Protect is available in both hardwired and battery-powered versions, and so it should work in any smart home.

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